About us

RefugeesHub is a pilot project focuses on Farsi and Dari speaking refugees in Berlin. It is a hub, a cyber base, to connect people, services and groups with each other. It provides useful resources to facilitate addressing the refugee question.

Making a new city your hometown is always challenging. Particularly, when you have to deal with several barriers as a newcomer asylum seeker. Leaving your friends and sometimes your family, you have to start from the first stage. It is hard to find or build a network of support. The border is not just a line that one can pass and start living in a new society. It continues in all social spaces in the everyday life of refugees.

As if these obstacles are not enough to make a new life challenging, refugees carry their traumatic experiences from their home country and the way they passed. You remember what you want to forget and start losing the memories from places that you have been before. In many cases, cultural differences make the whole process of gaining social capital hard and time-consuming.

Considering the history and waves of migration to Germany, the large number of Farsi-speaking refugees is something rather new. Thus, they suffer from the lack of a well-established network of support in comparison with Turkish and Arabic speaking migrants. Moreover, Farsi is underrated as the language of refugees in the mainstream narrative of current conjuncture. Consequently, they are partly marginalized in the resource allocation.

In the wake of the new refugee wave, many organizations and individuals offer different services to the newcomers. Unfortunately, reaching this help is not always easy and accessible. In the first place, refugees have problem in finding services. Then other issues come to the scene, e.g. language, lack of spatial knowledge about the city and so forth.

RefugeesHub is an answer to this conjuncture in which being in the move is not anymore a derivation to the norm. It is inspired by the current diverse efforts from activists and organizations that support refugees but it does not intend to repeat them. Rather, it aims at focusing on accessibility and usability for refugees to facilitate the working process of the existing groups and organizations.

RefugeesHub is a project of the Berliner Institut für empirische Integrations- und Migrationsforschung (BIM). It is part of the BIM-Refugee-Cluster "Solidarität im Wandel?" which is funded by Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Migration, Flüchtlinge und Integration / Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration.